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Adflex Virtual Terminal

The Adflex Virtual Terminal (AVT) is a simple, low-cost way to accept 'customer not present' card payments, for example, orders received by phone or email. Ideal for customers with low transaction volumes, it's fast and easy to set up. Because Adflex Virtual Terminal is a web-based solution, there's no need for a stand-alone card processing terminal. You can access the system from any internet-enabled PC.

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A no fuss web-based card processing virtual terminal

Card acceptance has never been easier. The Adflex Virtual Terminal has been designed to replace the traditional stand-alone card processing terminal with a more flexible software-based solution. In addition to processing normal credit/debit card transactions, the Adflex Virtual Terminal can process VGIS/LID and Amex CPC purchasing cards.

Simple sign up process

Suppliers can now sign up for the Adflex Virtual Terminal using our one-step online registration form. Once completed, Adflex will do the rest.

Simple to use

A wizard-driven interface makes the entry of transaction details intuitive.

Easy access web portal

Adflex Virtual Terminal is a web-based solution that can be used on any PC connected to the internet.


Every user has their unique secure login to Adflex Virtual Terminal with custom access rights based on their role. A transaction audit is maintained on every user ensuring complete control over user activity.


Adflex Virtual Terminal is capable of processing all card types including:
Credit/Debit Cards (Level 1)
Vat Summary Cards (Level 2)
Purchasing Cards - VGIS, LID and AMEX CPC (Level 3)
Approved by all UK acquiring banks and also HMRC for VAT compliance

MULTI MERCHANT - Multiple merchant accounts can be configured on Adflex Virtual Terminal and simple rules-based configuration dictates which account is used.

VALIDATION - Adflex Virtual Terminal can be configured to validate certain key fields, e.g. cost centre, purchase order number etc. to ensure that they are entered correctly. This means that the cardholder always receives consistent quality data.

PRE-REGISTER CARDS - Eliminate PCI DSS concerns by pre-registering buyer card details onto Adflex secure servers. This removes the need to store any live card details for use during normal card processing activities.

ACCOUNT AND PRODUCT MAINTENANCE - Buyer account and supplier products can be easily created or imported and are stored offsite on Adflex secure servers.

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Adflex FilePay Service

The Adflex FilePay Service is a file-based automated service aimed at merchants with medium to high transaction volumes and uses a file to upload the transactions.

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For suppliers who need to accept Purchasing Cards but do not want to introduce any software changes, Adflex has developed a flexible FilePay Service.
Without making any changes to their existing systems, most suppliers can export data in some form, e.g. csv files, e-invoices, custom reports or even by way of an intercepted printer file. Adflex is able to analyse this data and map it to the VGIS and LID format filling in any gaps with default values and rules-based look-ups.
By involving the cardholder in the setup process, we can also ensure that certain key fields, i.e. cost centres, purchase order numbers etc, are always populated correctly. This means that the cardholder always receives consistent quality data.

File interchange

Even legacy systems are often able to produce simple csv exports or customised reports which can be used to authorise card transactions.

Fewer errors

Removing the need to manually key purchasing card transaction information means that the data provided to the cardholder will be accurate, which in turn means fewer queries.

Little expertise needed

Production of a simple delimited file can usually be done in-house without the involvement of any IT resource.


Adflex is able to accept files in a wide range of formats and can even be customised to your own specific format if required.
Adflex Bureau Service

Adflex Web Hosted Pay Page

The Adflex Web Hosted Pay Page Service is a web-based e-commerce plugin service aimed at suppliers that need to accept payments on their web site.

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Integrate card payments into your website

The Adflex Hosted Pay Page service allows the secure capture of customer card details on a web page that is provided and hosted by Adflex. The benefit of this service is that the merchant is shielded from the live card details and therefore minimising any PCI DSS implications.

Simple to deploy

Seamlessly integrate a secure payment page with minimal coding. Uses simple HTML, development time and skill required is minimised.


The Adflex Pay Page is available with 3 options:
  • Embedded - Pay Page is embedded inside your page using an html iframe
  • Full - Pay Page is rendered as a whole page with additional customisable CSS allowing you to use your own page header and footer.
  • Touchscreen - Designed for smart pad based web applications that use a touchscreen keyboard interface.

Supported Card Types

Adflex support all the card types your acquiring bank supports including level 3 purchasing cards.

Payment Security

Fully implemented 3D Secure.


Adflex is PCI DSS fully accredited as a level one payment service provider.


You can customise the pay page to match your e-commerce website. Each element on the Pay Page form can be styled using your own custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

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