Seamlessly Integrate Card Payments

We have a comprehensive range of API services that allow you to seamlessly implement payment processing into your applications. Our APIs cover a range of development environments including file and message based transaction processing, Hosted web payment pages and Web Services.

We also cover the full spectrum of card processing environments including Customer not Present, Customer Present, E-Commerce, B2B level 3 enhanced data and travel enhanced data.

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Adflex Payment Gateway (APG) Web Service

The Adflex Payment Gateway (APG) Web Service is aimed at application developers who need to integrate card processing core functionality. The web service methods cover card authorisation, settlement, reporting and card token creation. Using this web service, developers are able to create applications that offer extensive enhanced data handling and full control over the authorisation and settlement workflow.

Adflex Hosted Pay Page

The Adflex Hosted Pay Page API allows the secure capture of customer card details on a web page that is provided and hosted by Adflex. The benefit of this service is that the merchant is shielded from the live card details and therefore minimising any PCI DSS implications.

Simple to deploy

Seamlessly integrate a secure payment page with minimal coding. Uses simple HTML, Development time and skill required is minimised


The Adflex Pay Page is available in 3 options:

Embedded: Pay Page is embedded inside your page using an html iframe

Full: Pay Page is rendered as a whole page with additional customisable CSS allowing you to use your own page header and footer

Touch Screen: Designed for smart pad based web applications that use a touch screen keyboard interface

Supported Card Types

Adflex support all the card types your acquiring bank supports including level 3 purchasing cards.

Payment Security

Fully implemented 3D Secure


Adflex are PCI DSS fully accredited as a level one payment service provider.


You can customise the paypage to match your e-commerce web site. Each element on the Pay Page form can be styled using your own custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

Adflex Client API Webservice

The Adflex Client API Web Service is aimed at application developers and extends the APG core gateway web service and provide integration with our middle ware services such as the FilePay Service and Virtual Terminal.

This webservice provides additional functionality such as file transfers, card registration and account maintenance.

Adflex Chip and PIN API

The Adflex Chip and PIN API allows you to seamlessly integrate Chip and PIN functionality into your existing EPOS system.

The system works using an Adflex provided windows component that is installed on each EPOS terminal PC. You communicate with this agent over a TCP/IP socket connection using simple string based messages.

The Adflex Chip and PIN API shields you from the complex communications with the PED (Pin Entry Device) and at the same time eliminates costly bank approvals and reduces your PCI DSS security effort.

Our extensive range of transaction control messages enable you to build a complete Chip and PIN solution covering most customer facing transactions including sale, refund, cashback and enhanced data transactions.

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