We consider support requests as belonging to one of three categories: stopper issues, important issues, and low issues. All issues are assigned a case ticket number.

Severity 1: Stopper

A "Stopper" is a severe Error in the Adflex service that causes the Adflex service to fail or to substantially cease operations, so that no workaround exists and work cannot continue. A "Stopper" will be acknowledged by Adflex within two (2) hours of being reported to the designated Adflex contact via phone or email.

If the transmittal of the report falls outside of Normal Working Hours, Adflex will respond within two (2) hours of the commencement of the next working day. Adflex will commence resolution of the "Stopper" within one (1) hour of such acknowledgement, and will continue until the "Stopper" is resolved or a work around is provided, which efforts by Adflex may, in Adflex' discretion where reasonably necessary and commercially reasonable, involve work outside of Normal Working Hours.

Severity 2: Important Problem

An "Important Problem" is an Error which materially affects production and for which a work around exists such that work can substantially continue. Adflex will acknowledge an "Important Problem", during Normal Working Hours, within two (2) hours of the "Important Problem" being reported to a designated Adflex contact via telephone or email.

Severity 3: Low

All other problems that do not fall within the categories above, including without limitation minor Errors that do not materially affect production and documentation correction requests, are "Low". Adflex will log these problems and use commercially reasonable efforts to correct such problems during Normal Working Hours, but does not guarantee any particular response time.

Adflex will, in providing the Support and Maintenance Services, use reasonable commercial efforts to minimise disruption to the Service User activities. Adflex will be deemed to have commenced resolution of an Error upon the logging in of any reported Error and committing personnel and resources to correct or work around the Error. Licensee will promptly notify Adflex of any Stoppers or Important Problems with the Adflex Service.

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