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RS Components

RS Components is an international business leading in the supply of high service level electronics, maintenance products, industrial components and tools, with over 46,000 customer orders dispatched daily.

They needed to upgrade and standardise their level 3 purchasing card data processing platform in the UK to streamline electronic presentation of card transaction statements to their customers.

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The Requirement

Processing paper invoices is time-consuming, error-prone and introduces delays in the payment cycle for any business. For a company the size of RS Components, optimising and automating this process was a necessity.

Adflex were asked to replace an existing semi-automated process for level 3 data processing for VISA and AMEX corporate purchasing card (CPC) transactions and to integrate this into the SAP system used by RS, the business needed the solution live in two months.

How We Solved It

Adflex implemented their SAP Payment Connector product to enable the rapid deployment of the card-processing capability and the integration of RS's invoicing process with standards set by VISA and AMEX regarding level 3 transaction data.

The challenge here was that the SAP Payment Connector was designed to run on ECC6 and uses SAP web-service integration capabilities, whereas RS were running an earlier version of SAP that did not support many of the features and functions required for web-service integration with the Adflex Payment Gateway.

To solve this, an additional module within the SAP Payment Connector was created to 'back-port' the integration functions and exploit the available capabilities of the earlier SAP version.

In parallel, RS were upgrading their SAP system to the latest ECC6 release, and Adflex were able to perform a dual deployment of the SAP Payment Connector to meet the requirements of both the older live environment and their newer cutover system.

The Outcome

RS have been able to run hundreds of thousands of their card transactions directly and synchronously from their SAP environment out to the Adflex Payment Gateway for authorisation and settlement processing without the need of FTP files, off-line processes and reconciliation spreadsheets since go-live.

The short amount of time taken to deliver and deploy the SAP Payment Connector solution meant that RS could meet a deadline for a change in data processing standards mandated by the card-schemes, and also prepare themselves at the same time for a smooth cut-over to their new ECC6 SAP system.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a global company that provides consumer products in the areas of pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies, personal care and pet supplies.

They are currently rolling out a Citibank issued Level 3 Purchasing Card across UK, Europe and Asia.

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The Requirement

In order to allow worldwide acceptance of their Level 3 Purchasing Card, P&G needed to partner with a global bank and payment service provider who were able to operate in all territories being targeted. The challenges faced by all parties included, language, currencies, banking practices, tax accreditation and general supplier reluctance to change.

P&G were keen to make the supplier recruitment as quick and simple as possible, with a single point of contact throughout the entire process. The suppliers targeted by P&G to accept their Purchasing Card varied in size from SME’s to large global enterprises.

How We Solved It

P&G provided Adflex with the supplier contact details for all the companies they wished to target for acceptance of their Purchasing Card. Adflex then deployed their powerful supplier recruitment web portal which was made available in a number of languages, giving clear, step driven instructions of what was required of them by P&G. This portal also included a Benefits Calculator that would allow the supplier to look at the financial savings that would be made by acceptance of the Purchasing Cards.

Adflex partnered with a worldwide acquirer who has a presence in over 46 different countries and are capable of flowing Level 3 Management Information required by P&G. Adflex setup a tailored Onboarding System that would allow P&G and Citibank to have web access to monitor the progress of the supplier becoming Purchasing Card enabled. The Onboarding System breaks the process down into simple steps and gives a colour coded view of them according their completion status, giving P&G a clear picture as to when each supplier will go live.

The Outcome

Adflex are now able to provide a cost effective, end to end service to P&G for all their supplier recruitment needs and have succeeded in promoting the use of Level 3 purchase cards across the globe.

Mantax Radio Taxis

Mantax Radio Taxis are Manchester’s leading supplier of Hackney Carriages; their fleet of approximately 300 taxis makes them the largest supplier of licensed taxis in Manchester.

Manchester City Council is the local authority for Manchester and is made up of 96 councillors covering its 32 wards. Manchester City Council first started issuing Purchasing Cards in April 2000 and the spend to date is in excess of £500M.

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The Requirement

Manchester City Council regularly use taxi services provided by Mantax and decided that the pattern of spend i.e. high volume, low value would be ideally suited to payment using a Purchasing Card. Manchester City Council currently operates a VISA Purchasing Card programme and required Mantax to provide Level 3 Line Item Detail. The data that Manchester City Council required included collection addresses, drop off addresses as well as a cost break down displayed as a separate charge item within the Line Item Detail.

Mantax were happy to adopt this new payment method however they were keen to keep any implementation and running costs to an absolute minimum. They did not want to have to re-key any transactional information into a manual entry terminal, however they had limited IT resource available to implement an integrated solution.

How We Solved It

Mantax raise a significant number of invoices to Manchester City Council within any one calendar month and so the amount of detail contained within these invoices is large. Adflex identified that Mantax were already producing a consolidated invoice in csv format that contained most of the transaction information required by Manchester City Council.

We were able to use this existing file and carry out customised mapping to ensure that the data is presented correctly. Additional data that was required by Manchester City Council is populated by Adflex using our powerful data transform functions.

To protect Manchester City Councils purchasing card details, Adflex use a token in place of the live card number ensuring compliance to PCI DSS. We were able to provide a FilePay Service for Mantax allowing them to upload this file securely to the Adflex Payment Gateway. We then process the transactions and flow the Level 3 Line Item Detail to Manchester City Council. During the testing phase of this project we regularly liaised with Manchester City Council to ensure that the quality of the Level 3 Line Item Detail that they were receiving was accurate and consistent.

The Outcome

Manchester City Council now receives accurate, detailed Level 3 transactional information from Mantax which is automatically imported and reconciled within their SAP system.

Manchester City Council no longer receives paper invoices from Mantax which amounted to approximately 3,600 pieces of paper that they had to key in to their system.

Mantax were able to utilise the Adflex FilePay Service with no modification to their existing back office systems. Adflex satisfied the requirements of both the buyer and supplier in delivering a solution in budget and on time.

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